About us

About us

Peppertree Furniture is one of Australia’s leading independent Manufacturing of office, Education, library furniture, partitions, metal work, echopanel and are specialists in delivering a diverse range of fabulous office furnishing solutions along with professional advice and support for all of your office furniture, planning and refurbishment needs. Re-sellers, builders and architects come to us for our competitive prices and long-standing reputation.

We also manufacture Whiteboards, Pinboards, Corkboards, Chalkboards, Mobile boards, Specialty boards, Echopanel as well as Decorative acoustic panelling solutions. Peppertree supply and install straight to South Australia’s Architects and builders projects from one board to hundreds at a time. no job is to big or small.

In 2014 we started manufacturing screens to local and interstate re-sellers and have now become one of the state’s largest supplier of screen partitioning. Our partitioning systems offer a range of designs, sizes, cable management and fabric colours that add to the aesthetic appeal and the acoustic qualities.



At Peppertree Furniture, our mission is to create exceptional educational and commercial furniture solutions that inspire creativity, foster productivity, and promote collaboration.

Our team of experienced staff possess deep industry knowledge, allowing them to foster strong partnerships closely with our clients to deliver custom furniture designs that exceedingly meet expectations.

We have been proudly developing and manufacturing products in Adelaide, SA since 2005. Driven by the philosophy that there is always a better way of doing things we have made strategic investments in state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to enhance our speed, capability, and efficiency in manufacturing. Our production schedule is flexible, allowing us to adapt to changing customer priorities swiftly.

With our unwavering commitment to quality craftmanship, we continuously strive for innovation in our furniture designs, integrating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic principles to create functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.



Regular surface cleaning is essential for maintaining a pristine environment. It is important to use the appropriate dry erase marker instead of a permanent pen. Additionally, ensure that your eraser is clean. For optimal results, we recommend  a simple eco-friendly solution, a microfibre cleaning cloth, which effectively removes stubborn marks. In cases where permanent writing or tough stains persist, you can try “writing over” them with a dry erase marker as it aids in removal. Please note that ghosting, faint remnants of previous writing, does not indicate a faulty surface.

For stubborn stains, alcohol-based cleaning fluids can be employed, but abrasive cleaners should be avoided. It is advisable not to leave whiteboard marks on the surface for more than 24 hours, as prolonged exposure to external factors such as UV lights and air conditioning can make them increasingly challenging to erase.

Projection Porcelain surfaces are designed for 80% projection and 20% writing. After a presentation, we recommend immediately wiping off any writing with a wet cloth. For optimal cleaning results, Glass and Porcelain surfaces offer excellent outcomes.



The e3 porcelain of each of our whiteboards carries a 20 year scratch resistant warranty.  The substrate and subsidiary components are warrantied for 12 months from date of purchase.  Warranty is void if the product is not used as it is intended, abuse or misuse.



All custom items are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.  Materials are covered by the material manufacturer.

Subject to the Customer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law, the following Goods cannot be returned by the Customer to the Company under any circumstances:

(a) those that were specially made, sourced, ordered or purchased for the Customer;

(b) those that were used, installed, damaged or altered in any way by the Customer;

(c) those that were sold to the Customer at wholesale or discounted prices, or as second grade quality; or

(d) those that are no longer in stock in store by the Company or have been discontinued.


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