E3 Porcelain Whiteboard

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Regular surface cleaning is essential for maintaining a pristine environment. It is important to use the appropriate dry erase marker instead of a permanent pen. Additionally, ensure that your eraser is clean. For optimal results, we recommend¬† a simple eco-friendly solution, a microfibre cleaning cloth, which effectively removes stubborn marks. In cases where permanent writing or tough stains persist, you can try “writing over” them with a dry erase marker as it aids in removal. Please note that ghosting, faint remnants of previous writing, does not indicate a faulty surface.

For stubborn stains, alcohol-based cleaning fluids can be employed, but abrasive cleaners should be avoided. It is advisable not to leave whiteboard marks on the surface for more than 24 hours, as prolonged exposure to external factors such as UV lights and air conditioning can make them increasingly challenging to erase.

Projection Porcelain surfaces are designed for 80% projection and 20% writing. After a presentation, we recommend immediately wiping off any writing with a wet cloth. For optimal cleaning results, Glass and Porcelain surfaces offer excellent outcomes.

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  • Dry wipe surface
  • Custom options available
  • Magnetic Surface
  • 20 year surface warranty

    Frame Options

  • M20 Frame
  • Reverse Angle



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